FALAN satellite courses in IBRO 9th World Congress

FALAN satellite courses in
IBRO 9th World Congress

July 7-11, 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Federation of Neuroscience Societies in Latin American, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula (FALAN) invites all interested in participating in the Satellite Courses under the 9th World Congress of Neuroscience IBRO 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The satellite courses are:
1_ Cortical circuits: Anatomical, physiological and computational approaches to understand function and plasticity.
2_ Lessons from wild brains: the art of neuroethology.
3_ New roles for glial cells in health and disease – changing the focus from neurons.
4_ Neuroethics: a dialogue between philosophy and neuroscience.

Those interested can see the full program and run on the official site of Falan and Ibro on the links shown below.
Look forward to your presence.

Web site Congress: www.ibro2015.org
Web site FALAN: http://falan-ibrolarc.org/


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