SAN’s objectives

  1. To facilitate the presentation and discussion of scientific papers. An annual meeting is organized by the SAN. This meeting took place without interruption since the creation of the Society in 1986. SAN also organize symposia on specific topics of high impact in Argentina
  2. To promote education and research in neuroscience in Argentina. SAN courses are regularly organized in the context of its annual meeting.
  3. To promote the international projection of argentine neuroscience. Currently there are three pillars regarding contact with international science. On the one hand the SAN is part of the Latin American Federation of Neuroscience (FALAN) that has begun to organize congresses every three years involving scientists from Latin America, Europe and the United States. Moreover, the SAN has formed in the year 2009 a chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (USA). In addition, the SAN has representatives in the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO-LARC).
  4. To establish a channel for dialogue between scientific societies and the authorities of science and technology. This has prompted the formation of the National Network of Bioscience Societies, which aims to promote and implement policies to improve the conditions and the development of scientific research in Argentina.
  5. To provide tools to facilitate communication between scientists and work in neuroscience. To fully understand the capabilities existing in our country, SAN is planning to implement a census of neuroscience in Argentina.
  6. To encourage communication among its members. SAN is encouraging their participation in the development of new proposals, pointing to continued growth in the regional neuroscience community. To achieve this objective, SAN makes its monthly newsletter, with content of both our society and the general neuroscience community. We aim to make our new website body becomes permanent communication and consultation for regional neuroscience community.
  7. To actively participate in the dissemination of neuroscience. This task is ranging from the dissemination of the latest findings in neuroscience to the mass media as well as the dissemination of neuroscience in schools and mid-level, to the teaching of courses for journalists.