Postdoctoral Position in Auditory Plasticity

A postdoctoral position is available for investigating the plasticity of synapses and circuits in the auditory system. Our lab uses a wide variety of modern techniques including laser photostimulation, optogenetics, and 2-P imaging, to study critical mechanisms mediating developmental and pathological plasticity in the central auditory system.

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The Kandler-lab is part of a highly interactive auditory neuroscience center, which is embedded in a large and vibrant neuroscience community (

Interested candidates should email Dr. Karl Kandler (

Postdoctoral Position 2017

Karl Kandler, PhD

UPMC Endowed Professor for Auditory Development and Plasticity

Professor for Otolaryngology, Neurobiology, and Bioengineering

Director of Auditory Research Department of Otolaryngology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Pittsburgh, PA 15261 USA

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